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Supposing that you are a freshman in the email marketing, and image the shopping phenomenon in your country when the significant festival, the gala and the public holiday come, what should you do to escalate your promotion? With leaflet? No, it is out of fashion and waste. With SMS? No, it is so general and not everyone may treat it as the formal invitation. With advertisement? Are you kidding me? If you have the money, actually your company has already been Top 500. So here I will tell you how to use social media and email marketing to enlarge your promotion.

Five tips:

Firstly, give yourself the goal for your holiday. Before enlarging on the social media marketing campaign, you should first give your company or your staffs the destination. What kind of the goal you will get when the holiday is over? Are you trying to get more fans or increase the branding influence? The goal should be defined a month before the holiday, and then you can concentrate on the efforts to reap the fruit. We know if we have no goal, we have no result. 

Secondly, integration. Integrating your social media accounts to your existed promotion methods, such as the email marketing, the service marketing. In this article, we will emphasis on the email marketing, but we should mention you that you should not ignore other ways in this situation, because promotion is everywhere for you. There are some ways for you:

  • Expand your present message-Give your repliers and the followers the latest news. Once the news information is decided, you should not change any words in it, for variety  is not a good thing to the people. If you want to run the holiday in one day, let the people know.
  • Live and real people to answer-The best solution for email marketing and social media is the synchronization and always live. You should make the response swiftly and enable your recipients know that they were served, are being served and will be served.
Thirdly, publication. Social media with the regard to the social media is because it has the publicity in the world. Everyone can see what your reply and your comments. You are in sunshine without any "shelter", so everyone can believe you.

Forth. have a special social media. If a follower follows you in twitter, it can be seen that your pages or your sentences are appropriated to the follower. Design you page well can give you something surprisingly.

Fifth,  show your coupons! Why people choose you? Cheap price and great quality. I believe in the holiday, everyone try to get something discounted and have the shopping fun. In the email marketing with the social media, send the attractive coupon code or coupon ticket to your recipients and tell them the precise date and your quality guarantees (Not because of the on sale section can decrease the products' quality). 

The above five tips for you to capture your customers' sight before the holiday duration. Share your experiences in the comments below and we will nominate you as our VIP customers.

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