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This is Laura from http://phpnewsletter.org/ ,iKode newsletter Server is a web-based newsletter software, used to manage bulk email list and start your email marketing campaigns.As we know ,email marketing is a necessary tool for any online business or offline business. It is the form of direct advertisment of a product or service through electronic mail.It can be used to improve the relationship between a business and its customers or to gain new customers.After years of hardworking ,iKode Newsletter Server provide a more stable and secure system with faster speed and convenient using experience.

The features of iKode Newsletter Server :
Auto switching IP Address
Email previewAuto switching SMTP Account
Controllable deliveringRandom Email Subject & Body Content
Location collectionLocation collection
Open / click statisticsReal-Time Delivery Report
Bounce managementBounce management
Templates galleryA Member Can Fit into Multiple Categories
Rich editorRich Editor Supports
Customer activity statistics
Customizable formsCustomizable forms
Track clicks and opensTrack clicks and opens
Multiple import methodsEncryption Tracking Links
Anytime back-upUnlimited Customized Value Label

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How to build and contact your email list

The key to get success is to create a mailing list which can send mails repeatedly.Here are server ways to help you.

1.Current customer resources
This is the best resource can be fully utilized. The most difficult thing for companies is to find new customers, not only costly, time-consuming, but also to win the trust, however, it would be much easier to sell again for your satisfied customers.As long as your product or service, reasonable  prices and good quality, the customers will continue to buy from you and trust you.

2.Other business customers
It is also a good way through other relevant non-competitive businesses to send personalized emails . Through reciprocal exchange of information or added information in the email which other companies sent to its customers.In the long term, cooperation can bring huge profits for you.

3.Visitors to the Web site
Establish a list of potential customers through a form on the website.There are three main strategies to encourage visitors to voluntarily join your mailing list: invite people to subscribe to newsletters; offer free issues advisory ; request visitors to the website recommend to their friends and colleagues.

Whether the online advertising or off-line advertising, you need to leave your email address, in order to encourage people to contact you by email, collect the potential customer email addresses is your main purpose.To build a list of reliable potential customers mailing list.

5.Press release on Newspaper
Newspapers and magazines have high validity, you can use the following method to establish your own email list: You can publish reports which it must pass before they can receive a free email  or can be sent by email product that can express some sympathy topic arouse the reader to collect their name and email address in the reader-response process.

6.Respond directly from the email message
Mailed your email address to potential customers , for the use of email response to your e-mail were given nominal reward and tell them the order will be processed quickly, if the use of email responses, it will get some rewards. Convert cost of mailing to potential customers into a low-cost email address list, the more people you reach, the more you reduce cost.

iKode Newsletter Server is an easy to use email newsletter software to manage mailing list with high delivery,tracking and analysis function.


Tips for improving the value of your email marketing

Email newsletter are sent to with the purpose to let the customers know of the business services or the products.Use email marketing to send out highly targeted messages to prospect buyers will help you to improve the relationship between a business and its customers or to gain new customers. However,if you don’t get the rules of email marketing ,it will be in the opposite end.
iKode newsletter server provides you 10 email marketing tips that help you to improve your email marketing campaigns.
No.1 Do not SPAM
Gaining the user's permission before you sending emails.At every opportunity, remind users that they can be assured that they won't miss out on the valuable information that they love receiving from you if they add your send address to their email contacts list.
No.2 No obvious subject or No theme
The subject of the message plays an important role in the email marketing.It determines whether the email will be opened or ignored it. Be specific in your subject line and mention if the matter is urgent.
No.3 Hide the sender’s name
It will be substantially reduced for the credibility of the text while you hind your name before sending emails.Otherwise ,no one would do that in formal business activities.
No.4 Complex contents of email
Most users are just going to scan the key points of the full text of the email that they may be interest in .With font bolding and additional colors to highlight words or phrases that you know will be importan .If necessary ,put your URL of details for them .
No.5 The content of the email with attachment
Most users aren’t going to upload your attachments or unable to accept emailed attachments for security reasons.Even it has been download ,due to different operating systems or software ,it still hard to open the attachments.
No.6 Sending too often
Too much emails will get tiresome.Your email addresses will be blacklisted because of sending too much .It is important to master the rhythm of sending emails ,otherwise ,you will lose the potential customers.
No.7 Without target market
What about your sources of the email address ?Collected or bought ?If they are not the target customers ,the efficiency of you email campaigns are very slow.
No.8 Message format
Practice writing emails to be short, respectful, and to the point. No one wants to read an essay in email format.Refer the format of general business emails,including the calling of recipients,the text of the email ,the signature of senders.
No.9 Reply with a message behind time.
To manage customers' requirements, and provide timely feedback to customers inquire.Get timely response of customer consultation will enhance their confidence to your products.To win favor with the customer’s trust.
No.10 Jack up the price for letters from active customers.
Some customers would like to send multiple emails for different dealers.They will compare the performance of the products and price.If your quote is too high ,you may lose the customer.
These tips won't make you a perfect email marketer, but they will certainly make you better than most! Just use these tips as a checklist when putting your email campaign together and you'll be fine!

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Why we selected iKode Newsletter Server

After years of hardworking, the more stable and secure system with faster speed and convenient using experience was unveiled. Working efficiently with our email marketing software makes the final success in global market.

- Switch IP address automatically

- Automatic Switching SMTP accounts

- Random Email Subject & Body Content

- Location collection

- Real-Time Delivery Report

- Bounce management

- A Member Can Fit into Multiple Categories

- Rich Editor Supports

- Customer activity statistics

- Customizable forms

- Track clicks and opens

- Encryption Tracking Links

- Unlimited Customized Value Label

- Online Installation Script

- Unlimited Categories & Mailing Lists

- Mailing list clean-up



Christmas greeting and good wishes from phpnewsletter

Merry Christmas &Happy New Year !
How's everything going for Christmas?
Phpnewsletter is a web-based email marketing software, used to manage bulk email list and start your email marketing campaigns.It is the form of direct advertisement of a product or service through electronic mail. Email marketing can be used to improve the relationship between a business and its customers or to gain new customers.
Main features of ikode newsletter server:
- online charge with no month fees!
- Unlimited operations and departments
- Install on your own pc or server
- Thousands of email templates for your choices
- Fast delivery personalized email to your members or customers ,
More Features :http://phpnewsletter.org/features.html
Free Trail Now : http://phpnewsletter.org/download.html


How to Start a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is an effective way to make business more booming. Email marketing is favorable to customers as well as companies. Therefore, It is an irreplaceable part of business and an indispensable recipe for shopping. What the basic 4 benefits that email marketing can reward to business and customers?
Benefits for Online Business
 Benefits for customers
· Boost sales
· Generate leads
· Strengthen relationships
· Increase website traffic
· Build brand loyalty
· ......
· more discounts
· more gifts
· Fashion news at home
· Time-saving shopping
· ........

Email marketing Tips
As a consequence, doing business with email marketing has been an overwhelming trend in recent years. But how to carry out an email marketing campaign and maximize the priorities of email marketing? There are four tips that can assist you in launching email marketing campaign to reach your expectation. Now share with you notes on how to develop a solid e-mail marketing campaign.
    1, Identify your target audience’s needs
    No matter what occupation you are involved in, the audience's needs are always the guidance to proceed. To grasp the psychology of audience is the per-condition to take charge of the market. Keeping the following tips in deep hear, may be you will get more in rewards.
    - What kind of email content would capture customers' attention?
    - What would they read and respond to?
    - What would help establish the relationship with them?
    - What appellation is more suitable?
    - Would they appreciate a casual greeting regarding a special day, such a birthday?
    - Do they prefer informative news-like or editorial content?
    - Do they enjoy entertaining emails and jokes?
    - What about urgent updates and product recall information?
    - Do they want price change alerts or notifications of promotional offers and discounts or free gifts?
    - Do they want order confirmations sent through email?
    - Do you want door-to-door service?
    - Do they prefer big discounts in festive or fair price in daily life?

    2, Use A/B testing
    After you have compiled your contents, do not be anxious to send them. The suggestion I offer you is that you might as well draft several different emails and send them to different customers. Then analysis the response from customers so that you will make sense of the style of emails that can appeal to customers and improve response or conversion rates.

    3, Easy Subscription process
    Nobody is willing to spend much time in tedious subscription process. So you should
    Make the subscription button easy to find. Integrated a subscribe form in your site.

    4, Track Your Email Newsletter Open and Click Rates
    A good email marketing service will offer you a powerful tracking system for tracking and monitoring your campaigns. When choosing an email marketing service, make sure it offers the following tracking tips at a minimum: Open, Read rate and link click tracking.

    5, Find out Enforceable Measure
    Based on the tracking results, it is paramount to find out enforceable measure, which will improve your email marketing campaign fruitfully.
    Gathering results through trackable links and having access to real-time reports will help you understand what works and what doesn't.

    Email marketing, an excellent method of communicating and distributing information ,which is one of the easiest and most productive ways to drive traffic toward websites and win more opportunities of great sale. Why not test these theories soon by trying an email marketing campaign in your future promotion plan?