How to build and contact your email list

The key to get success is to create a mailing list which can send mails repeatedly.Here are server ways to help you.

1.Current customer resources
This is the best resource can be fully utilized. The most difficult thing for companies is to find new customers, not only costly, time-consuming, but also to win the trust, however, it would be much easier to sell again for your satisfied customers.As long as your product or service, reasonable  prices and good quality, the customers will continue to buy from you and trust you.

2.Other business customers
It is also a good way through other relevant non-competitive businesses to send personalized emails . Through reciprocal exchange of information or added information in the email which other companies sent to its customers.In the long term, cooperation can bring huge profits for you.

3.Visitors to the Web site
Establish a list of potential customers through a form on the website.There are three main strategies to encourage visitors to voluntarily join your mailing list: invite people to subscribe to newsletters; offer free issues advisory ; request visitors to the website recommend to their friends and colleagues.

Whether the online advertising or off-line advertising, you need to leave your email address, in order to encourage people to contact you by email, collect the potential customer email addresses is your main purpose.To build a list of reliable potential customers mailing list.

5.Press release on Newspaper
Newspapers and magazines have high validity, you can use the following method to establish your own email list: You can publish reports which it must pass before they can receive a free email  or can be sent by email product that can express some sympathy topic arouse the reader to collect their name and email address in the reader-response process.

6.Respond directly from the email message
Mailed your email address to potential customers , for the use of email response to your e-mail were given nominal reward and tell them the order will be processed quickly, if the use of email responses, it will get some rewards. Convert cost of mailing to potential customers into a low-cost email address list, the more people you reach, the more you reduce cost.

iKode Newsletter Server is an easy to use email newsletter software to manage mailing list with high delivery,tracking and analysis function.


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