Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012

In 2011, we had the great, busy year, Also we’d like to send you our best holiday wishes, we thank you for sticking with us :)
For the Christmas present, iKode just released the new update in the eve of Christmas Day. New updated version of iKode email marketing software will be equipped with serval new added functions, which will also give you the new convenience and experience, including the server control, and etc.

Here gives you more elaborate details of features:
1, Configure your server in front-end easily
2, Simplify the full operating experience
3, Change the settings of your server control
4, Integrated the control panel of the networking environment
5, The Cron Jobs work more smoothly
6, Logs of sing-in information for security
7, Integrated payment access for site edition
8, Great discount for Christmas Day
9, And More...

Furthermore, Holiday SPECIAL OFFER: Just enter this promo code: 50OFF on checkout page and discount price will be applied automatically to your order. OFFER Ends On Jan 6, 2012.


Why Some Companies Invest Some Money In Help Desk Software?

Why some companies invest their money on the help desk software now? Someone maybe feel like asking this question. There must be a reason. Help desk software is one of a important investment on your business. As a business company owner, you have to make sure that your investment brings you more profits. A reliable help desk software will help improving your customer satisfaction ratings a lot. That can be worthwhile for a on-line business company.

What a help desk do for the daily customer service? Does it work efficiently? The answer is yes. As we all know, a better customers satisfaction will bring more business and customer loyalty. If you can do your customer service in a highly efficient way, customers will feel like buy your service and products again. The better reputation you can get for doing good customer service.

With a good help desk, you can eliminate the need of hiring more employees to work as the customer support. You can also make the other staff to do the other job in the important areas of your business because they don't need to deal with the complaining of customers all the time. Less customer support employees and more staffs for the more important parts. The working efficiency can be improve greatly with a help desk.

A help desk software can build a single to point of contact with customers and IT employees. Which means the right problem will meet the right solving because the help desk can classify the problem which customers just submit and send to the right department for a better solution. Customers do not need to wait too long for a reply, all the ticketing submitting is finished in a second. After receiving the tickets, the employees will help solve the problem immediately without delaying.

One of a important feature of help desk software is the collecting of customers' information. When customers submit their tickets, the users information will be record in the help desk software. With the help of the information, the administrator will have a clearer understanding of customers need and make the right decision to do right marketing and service, and lead the company in a right direction.

Less investment while brings more profits. This is what help desk does. It is always reasonable to invest your money to a help desk software which makes your business qualified and efficiently. With customer help desk software, your business will become limitless with good service and working efficiency not only for your employees but also for customers.

IT help desk software can provide terrific online service for customers. Web-based IT help desk software enables companies to access customers from mobile devices. Sales Staff can answer question on the go and turn inquiries into sale leads. The applications help business track, organize and respond to customers with a number of sophisticated options that can be utilized internally or externally.


What does the differences between help desk and service manager?

Every one knows what does help desk mean? But do you know what does service manager mean? Not the position of one company, the service manager is one software to manage the customer care in one company.

In ITIL before 2007, the service manager was contained in Help desk software, and most of the functions were not very available and practical. Therefore, not every one could give a very brief definition to the service manager software, even somebody might think that this software was the standard help desk with basic functions. While when 3rd ITIL regulation released out after 2007, people redefined the means of help desk and service desk, the same as service desk, and give the people who were in the e-commerce a new circumstance. As a result, the help desk software was one part of service manager, which meant that the help desk was aimed on the tickets, while the service manager focused on the service, all the service. So as we know, service had a very width range from pro-sell, selling and after-sell sections, and in the contemporary society and marketing, people usually added the service marketing into the service processing to promote the products.

In the other side, not every service was external, by contrast, most pieces of service manager software were concentrated on internal problems. For instance, one countries cross company had lots of branch authority agencies to encounter the global issues. But in the headquarter, the bosses or the manager should enable some service desk to monitor the devices from all agencies to get a clear vision about what was in the wrong situation.If there come one incident event, the service desk in the headquarter could have the first mention, which could also allow the management level to tackle the problems at once.

So, customer service software could be the next generation of the service marketing and could also become the mainstream of the promotion.


All technologies about the ticket assignment

It is pound of the new released software that we have combated the problem of ticket missing, in other words, in our system, any ticket will find its answer ultimately, which means you will not miss any ticket via our system. Therefore, I will introduce the ticket assignment logic to you to help you to understand the whole assignment rules.

First and foremost, the staff is out of office in vacation. This is common phenomenon that always happens in the company. If the service staff is leaving far from the society, such as have a vacation in Africa or Maldives without the linked in devices, how does he or she have the answer or reply to the newly submitted ticket? In our system, this is not a problem. Since the classified  company regulation, I can only tell you some details in this section: all the service staffs have a back up staff as the preparation for the responding. If one service staff is not near the computer or not log in the system, the assignment rule will redirect the ticket to the back up staffs to tackle. Never mind the ticket missing with the amazing and gorgeous logic.

In the other side, if people want to reopen the ticket, while the staff is offline, how does the software do at this situation? From our software, when staff is in idle offline or non-response in one specified time,the ticket will be reassigned after the interval.As the result, with regard to the department priority, the system would escalate the ticket status automatically when it just past the interval to reassign to other people by the assignment logic again.

Thus, when you are experiencing the operating of the customer service software, please test the ticket assignment logic with your own feeling.

New ikode product comes out with the big shock!

Nov.1, 2011, a common day and the first day in November, has very different meaning in iKode, for we just released out the latest Help desk software, not the normal help desk software, because we give the special understanding to the software and give a new name to it - iKode Service Desk X.

Not only do the help desk function it contain, but also it is also being equipped other practical functions, such as the customer service management, customer relationship management and etc.. Though the power of each function section is not as the powerful as other dedicated software in the area, we want to give our customer a new sense and redefine the help desk software.

In this version, you can attain a more brief interface, a easier operating experience, a faster response time and a more logical ticket assignment rules. With iKode Service Manager, you may tackle the problem from your web visitors, handle the relationship of your potential customers, offer an intelligent manipulate section to your customer and link them into your profit chain. Our customer service software wants to be endowed with the refined system with all advantages, which is also our staffs' dream. So we need all of our customers to give us the most pertinent advice about the software.


Combine Social Media with Email Marketing

The adventure was coming. The adventure has been solved by the email technology. The former adventure will be combated by the latter email technology. 

Human beings are so great and extraordinary, for they always to make everything possible. In 2007, the social media was come out with a soar speed in the marketing amplification, and just one year later, the technology could mixture the social media and the email marketing together. We should acknowledge that the accelerate of the tech development give us the much more convenient way to enlarge the marketing and escalate the promotion.

You can clearly see the whole chart above. However, some companies are not seeing the results at all. Maybe they are busy, or they may give up the way of combination of the creature of the age. So they actually don't know what efficiency the integration of the email and the social media.
iKode decided to share our experiences to the visitors how to link the social media to the email marketing perfectly and thoroughly to make your business as the invulnerable solutions . 

Don't just put the links in your newsletter to connect to your facebook or twitter to enable the people obey your order. You should write your perspective and solutions in the newsletter to let the people follow you voluntarily. 

2, Enlarge the area in the newsletter
Not only say something related in your newsletter, but also catch the main stream in the society and vie your own point. For example, a machine factory can give their grieves to the death of Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple company and also the iconic of the world innovation with beautiful industry design, and then public the own option and the predict. I believe reader may feel interesting about this.

3, Connect the life.
Life is real, so let your subscribers and followers realize your product and service can assist the routine life. So tell them more about the circumstances about them can give them the clear point, because not all readers are expert.

4, Offer unique service
Give your subscribers and followers some special offers or awards when they follow you and sign up you. This is important, for they may feel that they have been treated as the VIP.

5, Synchronization
When you release a news in twitter or facebook, you should also let your subscriber know, but make sure you should not send the complete news to them and capture their sight to the social media page. This is another way to promote.

6, Track the followers.
In the next version of iKode Newsletter software, we will add the tracking system of the social media (Facebook and Twitter). So at that time, you will track the data by our software.

If you have other way to do the combination, please tell us. You will be graceful in our mind.

Newsletter for holidays marketing

Supposing that you are a freshman in the email marketing, and image the shopping phenomenon in your country when the significant festival, the gala and the public holiday come, what should you do to escalate your promotion? With leaflet? No, it is out of fashion and waste. With SMS? No, it is so general and not everyone may treat it as the formal invitation. With advertisement? Are you kidding me? If you have the money, actually your company has already been Top 500. So here I will tell you how to use social media and email marketing to enlarge your promotion.

Five tips:

Firstly, give yourself the goal for your holiday. Before enlarging on the social media marketing campaign, you should first give your company or your staffs the destination. What kind of the goal you will get when the holiday is over? Are you trying to get more fans or increase the branding influence? The goal should be defined a month before the holiday, and then you can concentrate on the efforts to reap the fruit. We know if we have no goal, we have no result. 

Secondly, integration. Integrating your social media accounts to your existed promotion methods, such as the email marketing, the service marketing. In this article, we will emphasis on the email marketing, but we should mention you that you should not ignore other ways in this situation, because promotion is everywhere for you. There are some ways for you:

  • Expand your present message-Give your repliers and the followers the latest news. Once the news information is decided, you should not change any words in it, for variety  is not a good thing to the people. If you want to run the holiday in one day, let the people know.
  • Live and real people to answer-The best solution for email marketing and social media is the synchronization and always live. You should make the response swiftly and enable your recipients know that they were served, are being served and will be served.
Thirdly, publication. Social media with the regard to the social media is because it has the publicity in the world. Everyone can see what your reply and your comments. You are in sunshine without any "shelter", so everyone can believe you.

Forth. have a special social media. If a follower follows you in twitter, it can be seen that your pages or your sentences are appropriated to the follower. Design you page well can give you something surprisingly.

Fifth,  show your coupons! Why people choose you? Cheap price and great quality. I believe in the holiday, everyone try to get something discounted and have the shopping fun. In the email marketing with the social media, send the attractive coupon code or coupon ticket to your recipients and tell them the precise date and your quality guarantees (Not because of the on sale section can decrease the products' quality). 

The above five tips for you to capture your customers' sight before the holiday duration. Share your experiences in the comments below and we will nominate you as our VIP customers.


The Trend of Email Marketing in 2011 with other competitors

The curve chart above illustrates the fluctuations in five mainstream communicating tools in contemporary society. In addition, this chart is generated by the most authority agency in the world to show the trend from 2002 to 2011 about these five competitors. And as the analysis and author, I will dig the data deeply to exhibit you the essential of email marketing service.

First and foremost, as you can see in the chart, you will find there are two lines on the top of the chart, which are the email and the search engine. With the email and the search engine hovering at the very high rate, we can easily find that these communicating tools are always being treated as the vital element in today' marketing. The past was what I thought, and the future will also be my perspective.Furthermore, we can be demonstrated that the SNS networks have very extraordinary power, for none in using in 2004 and 95% using at present, which got the amazing speed rocketed to a very high rate and almost have the same influence with email and search engine.

In sum, we can summary the data and the trend above from the chart and come to one conclusion that expect the search engine if we can combine the SNS network and email marketing together, what can be predicted in the future? From my perspective, I believe the SNS network can be contained in the email to tell all the recipient the unread news and unsettled updates. In other side, not only give the recipients the information, but also proliferate the business marketing. However, if the SNS network cannot be done with the email marketing as the news carrier, all the imagination is null.

As a result, the email marketing is based on the whole society and no other tools can replaced its place. Once we loss the search engine, we can through the communication to get touch with other people, while if we loss the email, the only thing we can do is waiting, waiting for the god blessing.

PS: The graph was referenced from iKode Newsletter Server White Book.

Your Winter Hibernation Customers Can Be Aroused by Today's Email Marketing

Many proven business marketing get a new customer is much higher than the cost of maintaining old customers with the cost, and customers to the business benefits of not less than, or even higher than the benefits of new customers. So, we spend much true that point thought to be the guardian live in our old clients?

Email marketing software is not only a way of business promotion, but also a maintain old customers and establish a good corporate image means. But many companies find that their mailing list becoming less and less active, according to background analysis tools will find a lot of users is no longer active, and even become “dead” users for this situation, companies that do? This article will share with you activate the “sleep” the user’s skills, we want to help.

Prior to the sharing of skills, businesses need to do is, through the mail platform tools to filter out those who are not active customer list, such as the recent no open, click the e-mail client. Only clearly aware of these inactive customers, companies go to these customers to take a targeted activation method.

Method 1: the use of certain drastic measures to wake inactive customers. Want to activate these inactive customers, then we need some incentives. For example, inactive users to send an activation email, through incentives to attract members of the focus points, the message is about “We miss a day of your return to our midst, including any purchase of two items, you can get 30 points reward. ”

By tempting incentives, not only can effectively wake inactive users, increase sales, but also can enhance the user’s brand loyalty.

Method Two: thanks to the customer to send the message. When using e-mail marketing, customer care should not be forgotten. For those inactive customers, we can send them mail, express them in their care and appreciation, while listening to voice of the customer, to understand the reasons for inactive customers. Here, the message must be prominent for the user “tailor-made”. The following is a Paypal case.

Paypal e-mail Subject: We miss you, [user name]! The theme is “We look forward to hear your voice!”

Method three: to continuously improve the aesthetics of the message template. Obtained through many years of experience in email marketing, beautiful simplicity of the message template more accessible to the customer’s loyalty. By testing different mail template, you can get the most customers preferred mail template to improve order conversion rate.

The above three methods is the most frequently used and most effective way. Filter out inactive users regularly, and promptly send the activation email to awaken them, the e-mail marketers must strive to do.


The Development Experiences of iKode Newsletter Software

Email Marketing campaign for business, at present, has become one of the most important online promotion and marketing solution. Our company, iKode Information & Technology Co.,Ltd., have realized for this marketing development mainstream for about 5 years. So in 2006, we had developed the email marketing software for the whole world users who wanted to utilize the ESP as the products information carrier to achieve the high ROI.

However, with the spam rate hovering at the high rate in contemporary society and every ISP has already tried to incline the protect regulation for all Internet surfers, most of the email service platforms (ESP) tried to develop a new, convenience, and mostly, can increase the delivery rate email marketing solution for all users. In iKode, we cannot stop the mainstream, so we decided to explore another way which was suit for any type of company, any type of web site, and any different company situation. Therefore, the update work had been added to the schedule time sheet.

About nine months ago, our company technology department started the update procedure as the main affair in the routine work. In order to provide all the users the totally functional and inexpensive newsletter software, we integrated all the famous newsletter software brands' advantages and avoid their disadvantages and made a very detailed improvement plan. Our tech department intended to develop one omnipotence software, so in the duration of all the way, our tech department had opened more than one hundred meeting to discuss the next plan or the next milestone, strictly followed the project plan, then at the last, about 5 months ago, the demo had been released out.

Demo was not our destination. When the demo was successfully released, we had lots of testing works to do. As we know, though the testing demo can be used for the email marketing, there were other hidden bugs contained in the software. We wanted to offer our every customer one perfect software for using, as the result, we had spent more than 4 months for testing. During the testing process, fortunately, not only for the testing, but also we had some breakthroughs to gain the high sending speed and software's stability. In the former version, the top speed was 800,000 newsletters per day, while in the new updated version, the speed could reach 1,000,000 newsletters per day, which has dramatically raised the marketing efficiency. 

Right now, 9 months from software planning to the releasing, we were proud of announcing that the most influence upgrade in iKode company's history had complete. Review the whole experiences, the whole company immersed into a festival atmosphere. We knew that all our effort would meet the autumn harvest. The brilliant future were waiting for us. 


Which Emai Marketing Software For Business In 2011?

Email Marketing is necessary for any business. Not only online business. but offline business. A good email campaign can help you to do: increase your sales conversion, generate the repeat sales, gain valuable feedback from your loyal visitors and so on.

iKode newsletter software is professional email marketing software for sending email newsletters and other marketing campaigns to keep in lifelong contact with subscribers. Our email newsletter software allows you to send all kinds of messages, which from simple email newsletters to complex email campaigns addressed to thousands of subscribers.

iKode newsletter software includes everything you need to manage your mailing lists and send professional email campaigns. iKode is a full-service marketing company founded in 2000. For 11 years, we have helped thousands of organizations all over the world profit from email marketing efforts. If you are looking for a powerful and easy to use mailing list controller for your business, look no further that iKode newsletter software.

Key Features of the Great Email Marketing Software:
1, The industry-lead successful ratio of email sending
iKode newsletter software can be set the email sending speed, schedule the sending time, and the sending frequency as you will. Totally appropriate your server environment to make sure the high sending successful ratio.

2, Absolutely Beautiful Email templates design.
iKode newsletter software will provide the user more than 1000 email templates, and through the powerful HTML email editor, the user can easily change the style of the exited template. Even the user has no knowledge about the HTML coding.

3, Manage your customer resources
iKode newsletter software can target the active customer exactly, which means you can find the distinction among the different customers. Giving your right customer the right emails.

4,Extraordinary Email campaign tracker.
After your email marketing campaign finished, iKode newsletter software can offer you the accurate tracking data, including the open rate, click rate, different clicks top board, open/click area(IP tracking), even each email address opening status.

Check out our Demo and prove to yourself that iKode newsletter software is the best email marketing solution and mailing list solution.