New ikode product comes out with the big shock!

Nov.1, 2011, a common day and the first day in November, has very different meaning in iKode, for we just released out the latest Help desk software, not the normal help desk software, because we give the special understanding to the software and give a new name to it - iKode Service Desk X.

Not only do the help desk function it contain, but also it is also being equipped other practical functions, such as the customer service management, customer relationship management and etc.. Though the power of each function section is not as the powerful as other dedicated software in the area, we want to give our customer a new sense and redefine the help desk software.

In this version, you can attain a more brief interface, a easier operating experience, a faster response time and a more logical ticket assignment rules. With iKode Service Manager, you may tackle the problem from your web visitors, handle the relationship of your potential customers, offer an intelligent manipulate section to your customer and link them into your profit chain. Our customer service software wants to be endowed with the refined system with all advantages, which is also our staffs' dream. So we need all of our customers to give us the most pertinent advice about the software.


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