Which Emai Marketing Software For Business In 2011?

Email Marketing is necessary for any business. Not only online business. but offline business. A good email campaign can help you to do: increase your sales conversion, generate the repeat sales, gain valuable feedback from your loyal visitors and so on.

iKode newsletter software is professional email marketing software for sending email newsletters and other marketing campaigns to keep in lifelong contact with subscribers. Our email newsletter software allows you to send all kinds of messages, which from simple email newsletters to complex email campaigns addressed to thousands of subscribers.

iKode newsletter software includes everything you need to manage your mailing lists and send professional email campaigns. iKode is a full-service marketing company founded in 2000. For 11 years, we have helped thousands of organizations all over the world profit from email marketing efforts. If you are looking for a powerful and easy to use mailing list controller for your business, look no further that iKode newsletter software.

Key Features of the Great Email Marketing Software:
1, The industry-lead successful ratio of email sending
iKode newsletter software can be set the email sending speed, schedule the sending time, and the sending frequency as you will. Totally appropriate your server environment to make sure the high sending successful ratio.

2, Absolutely Beautiful Email templates design.
iKode newsletter software will provide the user more than 1000 email templates, and through the powerful HTML email editor, the user can easily change the style of the exited template. Even the user has no knowledge about the HTML coding.

3, Manage your customer resources
iKode newsletter software can target the active customer exactly, which means you can find the distinction among the different customers. Giving your right customer the right emails.

4,Extraordinary Email campaign tracker.
After your email marketing campaign finished, iKode newsletter software can offer you the accurate tracking data, including the open rate, click rate, different clicks top board, open/click area(IP tracking), even each email address opening status.

Check out our Demo and prove to yourself that iKode newsletter software is the best email marketing solution and mailing list solution.


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