The Trend of Email Marketing in 2011 with other competitors

The curve chart above illustrates the fluctuations in five mainstream communicating tools in contemporary society. In addition, this chart is generated by the most authority agency in the world to show the trend from 2002 to 2011 about these five competitors. And as the analysis and author, I will dig the data deeply to exhibit you the essential of email marketing service.

First and foremost, as you can see in the chart, you will find there are two lines on the top of the chart, which are the email and the search engine. With the email and the search engine hovering at the very high rate, we can easily find that these communicating tools are always being treated as the vital element in today' marketing. The past was what I thought, and the future will also be my perspective.Furthermore, we can be demonstrated that the SNS networks have very extraordinary power, for none in using in 2004 and 95% using at present, which got the amazing speed rocketed to a very high rate and almost have the same influence with email and search engine.

In sum, we can summary the data and the trend above from the chart and come to one conclusion that expect the search engine if we can combine the SNS network and email marketing together, what can be predicted in the future? From my perspective, I believe the SNS network can be contained in the email to tell all the recipient the unread news and unsettled updates. In other side, not only give the recipients the information, but also proliferate the business marketing. However, if the SNS network cannot be done with the email marketing as the news carrier, all the imagination is null.

As a result, the email marketing is based on the whole society and no other tools can replaced its place. Once we loss the search engine, we can through the communication to get touch with other people, while if we loss the email, the only thing we can do is waiting, waiting for the god blessing.

PS: The graph was referenced from iKode Newsletter Server White Book.

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